Fresh Pizza

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7 videos (~10 seconds each) – examples of eye-catching effects that could enhance your social media posts.

Vi714 Fresh Pizza Web Page Bottom Left Box Image
Vi714 Fresh Pizza Web Page Bottom Right Box Image

Here at vi714 we like making “social-media-first” videos………and presenting them on their own bespoke web pages.
The videos above were made from the outputs of software called “Magic Motion Videos”.
All it took was 2 images (the pizza maker and the Fresh Pizza with arrows), logging into Magic Motion Videos and applying the individual effects.
Magic Motion Videos is available for a 1-time price of $47.   Don’t be fooled by the lack of glitz on the sales page………which you can see by clicking here.
It’s only right and proper to let you know that I like the software that much I asked its maker if I could sell it.  He said “yes” – as an affiliate.  So should you choose to buy via the link above I will get a % of the cost of the $47. 
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