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The “story line” or scripts were drafted in Notepad as series of short sentences.   Mindful of the available space in the video.
Here’s the original script:-

Social-Media-First Videos

With Dynamic Text.

First some preparation.

Write your script.

Decide the text font and colour.

Decide the text background “box” colour.

Create a blank transparent .png

Measuring 714 x 714 pixels.

Add rectangular box or boxes.

Here’s some examples.

Copy-Paste the lines of your script.

Save each as a separate “slide”.

(Optional) Create an “outer frame” slide.

(Optional) Create a slide with logo / URL.

Import these into your video editor.

Overlay them on your square video.

Recommended 714 x 714 pixels.

Choose timings for the slides.

Choose transitions / animations.

(Optional) Add an outer frame.

(Optional) Add logo / URL / watermark

(Optional) Add music / audio

Save. Upload. Share.

The background video was created using online software “Canva”.
A blank template was sized to 714 x 714 pixels.  A stock video was overlaid and downloaded.

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