vi714 – Making the Bread Video

vi714 bread video link image


The image above is placed first on the page.  Why?  Because if the page is shared then many social media channels will pick up the first image on a page and display it in their timeline (or equivalent).
The above image is aimed at Facebook sharing.  The size suggested for such images is 1200 x 628 pixels.
But why not reduce your overheads by ~50% and size those images at 600 x 314 pixels?


The bread video is one I spotted on Canva (see   Using that online software I made a canvas measuring 714 x 714 pixels,  imported the video and saved it.
Next I chose to use my “Silhouette” style (also called “cut-out”) of video.   So I experimented a little with icons, images and colours.
The initial design (below) was somewhat of a disaster when it came to trying to make the dark coloured icons transparent.


vi714 initial cut out image for transparent background processing image
The version below was the second attempt.   I thought the shade of brown was not reflecting the colours of breads I wished to convey.
vi714 bread video initial experiment with cut out image background image
So I finally settled on two frames.
One where the icons were a lighter shade of brown and set against a transparent background.

vi714 bread video cut out overlay with transparent background

And a second one with a lighter brown – almost orange colour.
This I created on a plain white canvas measuring 714 x 820 pixels and overlayed on it a dark brown outer frame.
Here’s the outer frame.

vi714 bread video 714 outer frame overlay image

And here’s the resultant output.

vi714 bread video hex colour test background image

Next were the experiments with the opaque background rectangles (“lower thirds”)  against which the white coloured animated texts would appear.
Again a bit of trial-and-error was needed before settling on the final version.   Here’s one of the first drafts:-

vi714 bread video lower third text background image

Then a lighter version…………

vi714 bread video lower third text background final transparency blank image

I then decided to have the URL showing somewhere throughout the video.

vi714 bread video lower third text background with vi714 urlimage

Next came the names of the types of breads and the “The Staff of Life” idiom.

vi714 bread video bagel text image

vi714 bread video baguette text image

vi714 bread video bap text overlay image

vi714 bread video bloomer text overlay image

vi714 bread video bruschetta text overlay image


vi714 bread video bread text overlay frame image


vi714 bread video bread the staff of life text overlay image

Next came the qr code.


vi714 qr code for the bread video page image

Some of the elements above were combined to make the link image shown at the top of the page.
That link image was then resized to 1920 x 1080 pixels to create the thumbnail image for the Youtube version of the video.
vi714 bread video thumbnail for yt image
The last image created was using that link image embedded onto a blank white canvas measuring 714 x 714 pixels for social media posts.vi714 bread video 714 x 714 pixel size with link image

vi714 Making the Bread Video – Text

Having created the visuals and deciding the video would be used across several channels – including Youtube – I felt it prudent to draft something locally that could be copy-and-pasted into the Descriptions and narratives.
Here’s my initial draft:-
vi714 – or Video Initiative 714 – is a “social-media-first” approach to making videos. The original of this video In a web page setting
“Social-media-first” video production was pioneered by Chris Davis.
It was directly as a consquence of three things:-
First – downloading videos and still images from mobile phone to PC/laptop.
Second – finding those were not immediately compatible with the ratios and dimensions offered by mainstream video platforms.
Third – observing that the optimum height and width on many mainstream social media channels’ timelines was 714 pixels width by 714 pixels height.
The concept was developed in conjunction with Paul Carr(see who leads on the marketing and sales side of things.
So – “714 square format” videos came into being.
They played well on social media.
But with very little effort those digital assets could also be re-used to display on web pages, rejigged for channels predicated on “wide video” and “tall video” presentations.
And other digital end points.
In fact in any browser capable of displaying web pages.


vi714 – Video Initiative 714 – Home Page
Paul Carr –
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